No long and bureaucratic processes

When you apply for our v5 loans, we make the process short, concise and simple. No lots of paper work or long and tedious approval processes. We understand that you may be in need of the money to overcome a financial emergency and we would not like to add to your woes by taking a long time without giving you the loans. As a matter of fact, all our loans are processed within the same day of approval and in most cases you should have the money in your bank account within just a few hours of approval.


Advantages of working with Cheap Logbook Loans

When you decide to apply for the v5 loans from Cheap Logbook Loans, you position yourself uniquely to take advantage of some of our top features. All these are meant to expedite the loan process and also make it easy for you to make the repayments. As a responsible lender, we are keen on ensuring that you do not apply for a loan which will become a financial burden to you. This is why we work with you closely to come up with acceptable terms for both of us but especially those that will make it easy for you to do the repayments.

The following are some of the unique benefits you will get by applying for your London logbook loans from us-:


I am glad that I stumbled upon this company in the internet. By then, I needed quick money to solve a family emergency and I was pleased to have been approved to the loan in good time and I was able to solve the emergency.

I have been taking v5 loans from Cheap Logbook Loans for over five years now and we have never had any major incidents. They are real professionals in this field in the entire UK

If you want a lender who will literally deposit your loan into your bank account in just a few hours of application, then this is the lender to go to. They will not disappoint you in any way.

I love the fact that this lender did not even think about looking at my credit scores when I made my application. At last, I found a lender whom I can trust whenever I need to get quick loans.

Apply online or via phone call

In order to make it easy for you to make the application process, we offer you the option to either apply online or you can as well call us and ask for more guidance via the phone. We have very friendly operators who will work with you throughout the process and ensure that all your needs are met.